Most of my clients choose my 3 month package, which includes 6 visits over 3-6 months. Here’s what to expect during a private consultation with me.


I offer complimentary 15-minute phone consultations to decide if nutritional therapy is right for you. During this call I will let you know if I can help you achieve your goals and if we have a good connection. Following this, I will book you in for an initial consultation. Prior to meeting you in the consultation I will analyse your paperwork, to make the process more efficient.

This includes completing the following documents:
• Online Nutritional Assessment health questionnaire (20 min to complete)
• A 3-day food journal
• Confidential health history
• Legal disclaimer

Initial Consultation
I will ask you a lot of questions, to gather an objective view of your symptoms as a whole and start to uncover the root of your health issues. We will set some health goals, and I will provide you written recommendations (dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, nutrients) to follow at the end of the session.

Second ‘Evaluation’ Session
I will perform some assessments to determine the health of your organs and body at a cellular level. I have a number of different assessment methods that I use during this session, including:

Full Body Assessment  - including testing of all organs, blood pressure and pulse
• Advanced Muscle Testing  - incorporating kinesiology muscle testing helps bring the body back into balance
• Lab Testing – I like every client to have a comprehensive blood panel done, and recommend a comprehensive stool analysis. I also offer ALCAT food sensitivity testing and hormonal testing if required
• Follow up sessions where the organs and body is balanced as a whole

Throughout this process, I want you to feel supported and offer email and text support as needed. You are in control of how often you come, however consultations are usually 2 to 4 weeks apart, depending on the support you require and where you are in your health journey.

Beyond my 3 month private program, most clients choose to make an appointment when they feel their body is out of balance, or to maintain optimal health.