Hello Happy Apple & Strawberry Crumble

Apple & Strawberry Crumble.jpg

Hands down one of my new fave desserts! Super easy to make and saves you from throwing out any old fruit! Woo! #zerowaste.

4 large green or red apples, peeled & sliced thinly
1 cup of strawberries, roughly chopped
1 1/2 cups almond meal
1/2 cup organic shredded coconut
3 tbsp melted coconut oil + extra to grease
2 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp vanilla bean powder
1 - 2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground nutmeg

Pre-heat oven to 175 C. Grease a large pie dish with coconut oil.
Spread apple slices evenly into a pie dish and sprinkle with a touch of extra cinnamon and vanilla powder. Set aside.
In a small saucepan melt coconut oil and almond butter over low heat. In a mixing bowl combine almond meal, coconut, vanilla powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Pour melted almond butter mixture into mix and combine well.

Spoon crumble evenly over apples and bake in oven for 30-35 minutes or until golden on top.
Serve warm with @coyo_organic coconut yoghurt! YUMMMMMYYYY!