Hello Happy Raw Choc Slice

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 1.56.48 pm.png

⅓ Cup cacao
⅓ Cup linseeds ground or ground flax
⅓ Cup cacao nibs
Pinch quality salt
⅓ Cup shredded coconut
¼ Cup vanilla protein powder
10 dates (if not soft soak in hot water before using)
3 tbs coconut oil

6 tbs cacao
2 dates,
Stevia, Equivalent 1 tsp sugar
¼ Cup coconut milk or cream

Note: Stevia does not impact blood sugar levels so it’s my preferred sweetener compared to sugars like maple or coconut syrups. But you can use your sweetener of choice ! Just make it to your liking.

Mix dry ingredients, add dates and wet ingredients and blend until sticky. If too dry add more dates slowly and a teeny bit of water until it’s able to be pressed into a pan.

Blend until thick and creamy like a frosting.
Press base into a lined pan and freeze while you make the frosting. Add frosting and dig in! You can leave it to set in the fridge or just dig in - yummy yummy in my tummy.