Hello Happy Raw Coconut Lemon Slice

Lemon Slice.jpg

1 cup sunflower seeds
½ cup coconut
½ tsp liquid stevia Or real food sweetener of choice
3 dates
3 Tbs coconut yoghurt
2 tbs protein powder
3 Tbs melted coconut oil
Pinch salt

Mix everything in a thermomix or processor until sticky (add more coconut yoghurt if not sticky enough) and press into a pan and put in the freezer whilst you make the topping

1 cup coconut ground
2 tbs melted coconut oil
2 tbs protein powder
½ cup coconut yoghurt
½ tsp liquid stevia or real food sweetener of choice
Juice of one lemon

Mix everything everything in a food processor or thermomix until creamy and spread on top of the base. Put back in fridge or freezer to set.