Hello Happy Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

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Rice Paper rolls are a great way to make eating the rainbow fun and my creamy almond butter sauce makes it 1000x better. I used to find these so daunting to make because well... just look at them! But they really are just so easy and super nutrient dense. And FUN!!! The kids can get involved too - it's a great little hack to get your kids to eat their own creations! Try it and let me know how you go!⁣

8 Rice paper sheets⁣

Experiment with the filling - here are some examples!⁣
Red cabbage⁣
Mint & coriander
200g of protein of choice (chicken/salmon/tempeh)⁣

Almond Sauce Recipe HERE

Cut and shred your vegetables. Place the rice paper sheet under warm water until it becomes soft then carefully lay flat. In the centre add the protein & veggies. Fold the paper over the filling, then fold in the edges (like a burrito) & roll it up. Repeat until finished and sprinkle with sesame seeds.⁣

Whisk together sauce ingredients in a bowl until creamy. ⁣

Image source: @pinterest