Hello Happy Green Smoothie

Prep Time: 3 mins Makes: 1 Serving

1 cup water
½ cup ice (optional)
½ can coconut milk (~1 cup), unsweetened, full-fat, organic
2 tbs vanilla extract or 1 tsp freshly ground vanilla, 1 tsp cinnamon
1 small banana (optional if you want to keep sugar content low)
1 large handful spinach (organic as this is #2 on the dirty dozen!), 1 handful fresh mint
½ medium avocado
2 tbs almond or coconut butter
3 tbs clean protein powder (I like paleopro egg white vanilla) or collagen (I like Great Lakes)
1 cup greek natural yoghurt or natural coconut yoghurt if avoiding dairy (I like Coyo or Born Cultured)

Put all the ingredients through blender or nutribullet and enjoy!