Mood Boosting Foods

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My top 5 mood foods to combat feeling stressed of overwhelmed:

1. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges - the Vitamin C helps lower your levels of your stress hormone cortisol

2. Fibre fibre fibre! Like fruits and vegetables - these nutrient dense carbohydrates increase serotonin (think happy hormone) production

3. Spinach or other leafy greens and super dark chocolate like @lindt_australia 90% - the magnesium will help you avoid headaches and fatigue.

4. Fatty Fish (salmon and tuna) and nuts and seeds (flaxseeds, chia, walnuts) and the good old egg - these precious anti inflammatory Omega-3 Fatty Acids feed our stress glands, the adrenals and make them HAPPY again!

Are you eating these foods in your diet? Nomnomnom 💗 📸@myberryforest .