Your 21 Day Nutrition Course and Plan to detox, reset and revitalise your body to live a healthier life!

My 21 Day Program WILL HELP YOU!

• Heal your digestive system, cleanse your gut and liver
• Boost your immune system
• Create hormonal balance and reduce PMS/Menopause symptoms
• Change the relationship between YOU and FOOD so YOU are in control
• Reach your ideal weight
• Improve your mental clarity and mood

You are one step closer to creating balance, a healthy mind & body...

Are you stressed and feeling not in control of your body?
Are you hormones imbalanced and effecting your weight and mental state?
Do you experience constipation or diarrhea often?
Are you waking up multiple times throughout the night or struggling to fall asleep?
Do you feel energised when you wake up?
Do you feel tired, bloated, and/or gassy after meals?
Does food control you? Have you been dieting for ages and still struggling to lose weight?

Why Is This Transformational Program for you?

The mini nutrition course and self care program educates you on the psychology of eating, digestion, blood sugar regulation (and dysregulation) and fats, plus with a 21 day REAL FOOD sugar detox. The results I see are truly amazing, giving my clients the tools to take control of the inner chatter as well as amazing results in reducing inflammation in the body - losing 10cm+ off their total measurements and up to 10kg (if weight loss is a goal) in just a few weeks!! Your body is designed to heal itself and with the 21 Day detox you can expect to see the  results you set out to achieve! 

What’s to come?

WEEK 1 - The psychology of eating, the subconscious mind & how to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox
WEEK 2 - How digestion works & when it goes wrong (Actual 21 day detox begins)
WEEK 3 - What sugar really does in your body & what foods create sugar in the bloodstream
WEEK 4 - The truth about FATS
WEEK 5 - How to move forward and make this a lifelong plan (21 day detox ends)


The program is exceptional value at $400 ($80 per class and you can claim each class if eligible on your private health insurance). A beautiful cookbook is included which has beautiful recipes, with lots of ideas for time-poor cooks! We meet for around 1-1.5 hours weekly either in person at my clinic at The Beatt (24-25 Beatty Avenue, Armadale) or online.

The programs run monthly with the next 21 Detox Program starting online this Tuesday 15th of May (the actual detox starts Sunday 20th May!


"The 21 Day Detox Program was an absolute eye opener for me. I truly believe this will help change my life. I DO highly recommend this program to every and anybody.” - Sherry B.

"The 21 Day Detox Program is such a life-changer! The first week was hard. I won't deny that. I didn't realise how "addicted" I was to sugar and other carbs. But after that first hurdle, I started to feel better - inside and out! I learned so much about nutrition and was surprised to hear that things I normally considered to be healthy, in fact, were not. I love this program and I love how I feel after the program. This is how I want to feel for the rest of my life, and with the information I learned in the Restart Program, I will be able to do just that!” - Carla L.

"I now understand what I need to heal myself and my family. This class changed my attitude towards food and health. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time, I highly recommend taking the 21 Day Detox Program" - Melissa M.

"Thanks so much for the restart program! I have gotten so much improvement in my health, it’s just unbelievable! These behavior changes came easily to me when following the Restart program: I no longer crave sweets and soft drinks and I’ve learned to enjoy drinking water. I actually look forward to my trips to the Y, I really miss going when I can’t get there. My food cravings moved away from junk, to more healthy foods. I actually cook some of my food now, instead of always eating out, and I’m saving money as a result. Thanks again for this incredible program. I have recommended it to many of my friends. ” - Rocky

What are you waiting for? Start your journey to living a healthier life!