21 Day Real Food Detox


21 Day Real Food Detox


My 21 Day Program WILL HELP YOU!

• Heal your digestive system
• Boost your immune system
• Create hormonal balance and reduce PMS/Menopause symptoms
• Cleanse your gut and liver
• Reach your ideal weight
• Improve your mental clarity and mood

What’s to come?

WEEK 1 - How to prepare for your REAL FOOD sugar detox
WEEK 2 - Digestion (Actual 21 day detox begins)
WEEK 3 - What sugar really does in your body
WEEK 4 - The truth about FATS
WEEK 5 - How to move forward and make this a lifelong plan (21 day detox ends)


The program is $400 ($80 per class and you can claim each class if eligible on your private health insurance). A beautiful cookbook is included which has beautiful recipes, with lots of ideas for time-poor cooks! We meet for around 1 hour weekly at my clinic at The Beatt (24-25 Beatty Avenue, Armadale).

The programs run monthly with the next 21 Detox Program starting Friday May 4!

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