+ Are we allowed fennel?

Definitely fennel ! It’s a lovely healing bitter vegetable!

+ Can we eat cashews?

Unless you know you’ve got fungus / candida. Then stay away from cashews (which are quite mouldy).

+ Can we eat raw red cabbage ?


+ Mineral Water! What’s the deal with it? Does it go towards water intake?

If you’re going to have mineral water I recommend lightly sparking only. It cause a lot of gas in the bowel which can prevent normal. Only small amounts of sparkling are recommender for this reason.

+ In terms of the morning liver and digestion wake up. Is it all 3 each morning or one of the 3 options each day?

All 3 each morning

+ I had my greens in water yesterday morning too and I went to the bathroom about 10-15 times. Didn’t change anything else yesterday except for that. A result of the greens perhaps?

The Salt I would guess ! Fluid retention, it’s great for the kidneys.

+ What olive oil to buy?

Extra virgin is the key and in small bottles so it doesn’t go rancid as it’s a fragile oil.

+ I’m pescatarian.. wherever other meat is mentioned what should I replace for? Either tempeh, tuna, salmon or other fish? Or? Also for the bone broth, should I just leave out or replace with something?

Yes yes yes to the protein just transition to what you eat / like. Bone broth there’s fish broth or vegetable stock. Nutraorganic due the broth in veggie

+ Can you freeze the frittata?

Yes they freeze well!

+ Is there a specific time you should wait between your main meal and snack? Say between lunch and the afternoon. Also, is there a time you should aim to eat dinner by? Depending on work I can eat anywhere from between 6-8.30.

My biggest piece of advice is to follow the plan and you will see results. No specific time, it’s just to balance blood sugar when you’re embarking on a plan like this bc I don’t know your individual bodies I suggest eating every 2-3 hours to begin with. If this is going well week 2 you can spread out a little more as your blood sugar starts to regulate. If you eat dinner later, there is a chance of bingeing on bigger portions.

+ Are we allowed pumpkin or Brussels sprouts on this cleanse? What all nightshades are, starchy vegs?

Starchy veg : potato of any kind, pumpkin, corn are not included. Nightshades - tomato, capsicum, eggplant, white potatoes, goji berries. Brussels sprouts need to be Cooked as they’re brassicas (I’m sure you would anyway) important for any thyroid issues

+ Can we have balsamic vinegar on salad or just Apple Cider?

Yes to balsamic just make sure it is only be a small amount. My go to’s are things like 1. Tahini, 2. A good, Lemon juice and salt. 3. If using balsamic combine it with above then you will need less.

+ What about capers and olives?

YES! Olives are a great source of healthy fats

It’s low sugar fruit and no more than 2 pieces per day. You can always cut back to 1/2 banana only in the smoothie and 1/2 Cup berries as one serve. With the workouts this is not going to put on weight. If you stick to the plan you will be fine, we can change things week to if you find you need to make some adjustments. Sometimes if you go too low sugar too quickly it can backfire and you will binge on things much more unhealthy than a piece of fruit per day!! Listen to your body- if you’re not able to do much movement and don’t normally eat fruit anyway I’m not forcing you to have it ... for example .... how do you feel over the last few days? You should already be noticing more energy, a bit lighter and leaner.... perhaps give me an update on how you’re feeling before changing anything.

+ If I’ve come home late from work, rather than eating at 9pm. Is there another option other than dinner? Would I be better of having one of the smoothies? Or just skipping dinner?

I have this happen as well at times. I think you need to listen to your body. This week I was home late and just showered had one of the lighter meal or snack options (like some veggies , nuts, smoothie, broth, green soup etc) and cup of tea and was off to bed but I was so tired in my tummy as well if that makes sense ?? Smoothies are a great idea for dinner as well, or the green soup , late at night.

+ Travelling for work or leisure?

If ordering from cafes and restaurants just ask questions and make any modifications to fit into your eat list as best as you can. This is PRoGRESS not PERFECTION. Remember chefs are not nutritionists and you now know more than them about healthy, nutrient dense food.

+ Can I freeze the detox soup?

Yes you sure can freeze the soup. Parcel it up in servings so it’s super easy and you have some for each meal

+ When it says tuna - is tinned tuna ok or does it mean a real fish from a real fish shop?

Quality is best with tuna. Prahran convenience has some great tinned tuna I personally like a brand called good fish. Depending on the source you could get in brine or if good quality oil you could also do in that, or just add your own oil. Or you can get fish from fish shop!

+ The morning wake up, it’s one of either three isn’t it?

All 3.

+ What is Vital Greens All in One?

Greens powder from Prahran convenience. It’s very good as an all in one vitamin and mineral powder and it’s yummy.

+ Protein powder, vanilla protein powder, clean protein powder? Is it all the same thing? What type of protein powder do we buy...is it in the notes?

Yes all the same! I buy paleo pro vanilla egg white.

+ Do you have a quick suggestion for headache which relates to blood sugar? I experienced headaches when I was in detox couple of times. But those were a bit radical detox programs and I quit because of the side effects.

This is a real food detox, I have specifically designed it so your blood sugar balances in a safe and manageable way. That’s why i get you to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner with 2 snacks. If you get a headache please let me know and I will guide you and we are all here to support you. Please stick to the plan and don’t skip any meals.

+ My husband runs about 12kms a day - he asked if he’d be starving?

The short answer is he shouldn’t be. He can adjust the portions to accommodate. Increase servings of protein and fat. Depending on where he is at in terms of his ability to use ‘fats’ for fuel rather than sugar, there may be a period of transition. A lot of elite athletes eat this way, and perform so much better when they cut the starchy carbs. He can include 1/2 cup per day of the root veggies if that suits him.

+ Where do we stand on almond chai lattes?

Go for it! The quality of the almond and chai is important so just get from a quality cafe that serves fresh chai and not the processed powder junk. Fresh chai instead of a processed one full of sugar is fine.

+ Is it ok to miss the energiser juice?

Energizer juices which are about balancing your blood sugar and working on gall bladder, and immunity and micro nutrition.

+ Is kombucha ok?

Kombucha is fine but you will need to monitor as sometimes it creates gas in the bowel and makes people bloated. It’s a very individual one!!

+ Are you able to make the energy juices and smoothies the night before or is it in their freshness that their goodness lies?

Francine making them the night before is an excellent idea. Yes you are going to lose some of the micronutrition studies show the vitamins leach out after cutting when exposed to air and light, however just keep in an air tight container, glass jar preferred if poss which would be good for the juices!

+ My husband is doing the detox with me and is very low on energy and very flat. He’s really trying but I can see it’s tough for him. I’m trying to help but not sure how. More water? Peppermint tea? Bone broth?

The short answer is he shouldn’t be. He can adjust the portions to accommodate. Increase servings of protein and fat. Depending on where he is at in terms of his ability to use ‘fats’ for fuel rather than sugar, there may be a period of transition. A lot of elite athletes eat this way, and perform so much better when they cut the starchy carbs. He can include 1/2 cup per day of the root veggies if that suits him.

+ How do I use the coconut oil in cooking?! Do I melt it? Then doesn’t that affect the ingredients like the egg?

I use coconut oil as I would have when I used olive oil for cooking. Only difference is that it is solid when you put it on the pan and I wait until it heats up to allow it to spread across the pan.

+ Can I freeze the raspberry and paleo loafs? Or not because of the egg?

Yes you can.

+ I am struggling with sugar!

Don’t skimp on the protein and fats and the sugars from fruits are great too like sweet berries. Make some of the snacks they’re so good and your taste buds will change really quickly! I don’t have any sugar in my diet anymore unless it’s from fruit , cacao and a touch of really good quality stevia bc real food like nuts and coconut actually tastes sweet ! Like an almond milk cappuccino mmmmm soooo good! The first few days are the hardest but we are all here to support you.

+ Can I substitute almond butter?

So instead of almond butter in a smoothie you can sub for a healthy fat, like Coyo or 1 tbs of chia seeds. Just so we are on the same page though, almond butter is not butter. It’s just 100% almonds crushed into a paste. Butter is a dairy based fermented product.

+ What should I use instead of the avocado in the soup ?

I recommend 2 tbs Butter. If tolerated of course !

+ I don't want to have chocolate as an afternoon snack as it's my weakness and I'd rather do without. Can I have the seed crackers instead?

Yes of course you can. 90% hardly has any sugar, also Woolworths have just started selling 95% and it’s really yummy! (I do like rich choc though so beware).

+ Is this the right Vital Greens All In One? Or are there other options?

Yes it’s a wonderful support. I can tell you from a practitioner perspective this one is great. You have it every morning for the 14 days.

+ Can you be more specific on the hack you mentioned in the video? How to prepare ice cubes: what’s the proportions of lemon to water? Do you drink this tea style warm or cold?

Put lemon juice into ice cube trays. Use a block or 2 in a glass of boiling water for your warm water w lemon . Does that make sense? The ice cools the water down. So you drink it warm, it’s a great detox aid for the liver.

+ Can we add some lemon to the bone broth? Makes it a little easier on the palate.

Yes absolutely to the lemon! You will see it at cafes sometimes and they will add lemon and thyme .

+ Quick question regarding Tamari sauce in the recipes. Are we buying Soy free considering Soy is in the do not eat foods list?

Tamari and tempeh are the only exceptions as they are fermented so received differently by the body.

+ How often do you recommend doing this detox?

This is up to you depending on your health goals! I have lots of clients repeat the detox as they love being accountable, getting the new recipes, the structure. There is nothing nutritionally deficient about eating this way in general.

+ Should I have ACV on a regular basis for liver support (and if so how often) or just do it on the detox?

Again this depends on you. I use it every day therapeutically at times when I have a sluggish digestion. Then can have a break if things are all going nicely. ESP have a break if your 💩 is too soft lol.

+ Is liquid coconut oil on to cook with? Or is there any liquid oil that is ok?

My Husband likes to use liquid oil to marinate steaks... Solid has more health benefits than the liquid, as to make it a liquid they have removed some of the oils eg lauric acid which has a lot of health benefits. I only use solid. He can use butter / ghee or coconut oil on the steaks. Quality Liquid oil like olive , avocado etc is good for salads unheated.

+ Why do we take the apple cider vinegar at night? Prior to the detox I would take it in the morning.

I use the acv therapeutically at night before bed to cleanse the system. And it’s a nod to the liver which has a hard nights work to do!

+ Is the white wine in chicken soup just any white wine or is it meant to be white wine vinegar?

White wine! It cooks off, you don’t need to use it if you don’t want you can just use extra broth as it already has acv.

+ How long does the granola keep for if stored in an airtight container without the coconut oil added?

Granola without the oil but with the salt will last for months in airtight glass jar as it’s just ground nuts and seeds etc. you can keep in the fridge as well as the flax is better refrigerated.

+ Are the juices meant to be actually juices in juicer or strained after blending? Or just blend all ingredients into smoothie?

With the healing elixir you can just mix with a spoon. Put lemon juice, turmeric, ginger and water in a cup and mix! keep in the fridge as well as the flax is better refrigerated. keep in the fridge as well as the flax is better refrigerated.

+ Any restrictions on herbal teas?

Only green and chai as they’re caffeinated at 1 per day. Otherwise drink up!